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We would like to welcome you to MUMBLES R.F.C.

The Vikings Team this year is being organised by:- 
Grant Broad : 01792 361870 or 07974 747 993 gbroad@live.co.uk
Phil 'Teach' Jones : 01792 368848 or 07795802258 philjonz@hotmail.co.uk
Lee Thomas 01792 2517422 or 07702887129  mlthomas1968@yahoo.co.uk
with further assistance greatly appreciated from all parents!
All feedback is welcome, so please feel free to contact any member of the coaching team (preferably at the bar after the game!).

At u9's the children play CONTACT rugby (Please see seperate WRU Pathway page). A child is eligible for that respective age group when their birthday falls on or after the 1st September each season (e.g. On 1st Sep't if 8yrs old = U9's, etc  as with the school year).

IMPORTANT: Supervision during training/matches. Parents/guardians of the children should observe coaching sessions/matches at all times. The coaches are not ‘in loco parentis’ and it is required that parents/guardians or a nominated supervisor (not just the coach) should be present during all sessions, and afterwards if the child is returning to a clubhouse.

Membership / Registration / Insurance

Membership entitles holders to the full use of the clubhouse, including it's kitchen and free hire for functions/parties, dance floor, bar and members lounge, and opportunities to purchase international tickets with discounts also available at many sports retailers and on the purchase of Osprey tickets (see seperate blog page for this).

Please let all your friends and wider family also know that they too can become members of Mumbles RFC . Ordinary Individual Membership = £25 (inc' playing/non playing); Family Membership = £30 (inc' all parents and non-playing siblings) ; Vice Presidency = £ 35 (inc' family membership) ; Junior Membership £42 (inc' one playing junior member and discounted family membership).

All monies paid are used entirely to support the team of the player. The coaches are unpaid and run each team on a voluntary basis with club funds providing assistance for kit, coaching qualifications and development.

Players must be registered members of Mumbles R.F.C and the WRU to play or train. Formal WRU insurance* is only provided by such membership and registration. Players Membership @ £25 and a discounted Family Club Membership @ £17 (normally £30) is payable for each junior player, to also include parents, and non-participating siblings at £3.50 per month by standing order (i.e. £42 in total). Please complete sign and return the two WRU registration cards complete with a passport photo attached to each to ensure insurance is valid.

The (preferable) standing order option for payment is to “Mumbles RFC Juniors” (please ask for sort code and A/C no) and this can be left to run until the player decides to leave the club. Alternatively Cash or cheques in the sum of £42 can be provided annually in a sealed envelope with the name of the player clearly written on the front.

Training and matches

Confirmation of fixtures times/cancellations can (preferably) be found weekly on the blog Home Page or by phoning any of the coaches. We will usually start at 10.30 hrs on a Sunday morning at either Bishopston School (please click HERE  for a map) or Underhill Park (click  HERE for a map) for home games / training.


Players must wear rugby boots at both training and matches when on grass. Please also bring a drink and a few layers of clothing that can be removed / added to suit conditions. The club colours are navy and sky blue. Please ensure that any club jersey loaned out is returned for future use. Club merchandise and clothing can be purchased via the main club website.
*Registered player insurance with the WRU covers highly unlikely incidents that result in death or permanent disability. It is recognised that less serious injuries can also occur, but any further level of cover required would necessitate privately arranged insurance. To this end we recommend that you consult your household policy or your broker for any information regarding insurance.

The M.R.F.C Clubhouse

Mumbles R.F.C.  is located at 588 Mumbles Road.Please click  HERE for a map. It is intended that the primary use of the clubhouse be for the persuit of promoting and encouraging the game of Rugby Football. Minis (U6-U11) are therefore always more than welcome at the Clubhouse. For practicality however, Minis may sometimes use the Mumbles Cricket Clubhouse situated at the top of (old) Plunch Lane, Thistleboon on Sundays, when the M.R.F.C Clubhouse is very busy.Click  HERE  for a map.

After home games on a Sunday, usually by 12:00pm, players and opposition are invited back to the clubhouse (typically for ‘hot dogs’purchased by the club but served by the parents - see seperate catering blog page) with ‘parental refreshment’ also on sale from the irrepressible Club Steward Mark ‘Skinny’ Jones. At away games, most teams will usually provide the same jovial invitation to their own clubhouse with food provided for players.

Parents are reminded of their obligations towards junior players whilst at the club:-

1. Please change or cover dirty kit to ensure that only clean kit is worn in the club. Whilst no boots are permitted to be worn in the club, junior members (and parents) are requested to wear clean shoes or trainers (not socks) since there can sometimes be small pieces of glass found on the floors.

2. Junior members are requested not to stand/walk on chairs or benches.

3. Junior members are requested not to run in the club and to keep 'general horseplay' within the club to the vicinity of the dancefloor as tables and the bar area can be loaded with glasses.

4. Junior members are requested to refrain from playing on the stairs or within the toilets.

5. Please ensure all rubbish including unfinished food is placed in the black bins provided. If no bins are apparent, please ask behind the bar.

6. The Fire Escape is only to be used in the event of an emergency, not for ventilation or access. Please close and report it if found open.

7. No Junior members are permitted within the kitchen or behind the bar areas.

Club Contact Information

Junior Club Chairman: Robin Bonham: (01792) 405169

Stewards of the Clubhouse: Mark & Julie Jones (01792) 368989

Team Behavioural Policy

This policy is set up, as suggested by WRU and RFU guidelines to create an
environment where children, parents and coaches all value, respect and encourage one another to build a happy, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Parents will be encouraged to:

• Not to publicly criticise or question a referee’s judgement and never their

• Remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good play by your
team and by members of the opposing team.

• Not force an unwilling child to participate.

• Ensure that his/her child has the appropriate kit and spare clothing for each
training session and match.

• Make sure they know when and where training sessions/matches are taking

• Where appropriate, assist the coaches when requested e.g. moving equipment.

• Participate in voluntary activities.

• Make sure the club has the correct contact details.

• Be involved in club social activities.

• Share concerns regarding the club with committee members if they have them.

Players will be encouraged to:

• Play for the fun of it, not just to please parents or coaches.

• Understand the spirit of sportsmanship.

• Bring appropriate kit and spare clothing for each training session and match.

• Participate in all aspects of training/matches not just those that interest them most.

• Understand that inappropriate behaviour will be challenged and dealt with.

• Listen to the coach and recognise the coaches authority.

Coaches will endeavour to:

• Ensure development and fun comes first.

• Never coach law violations.

• Never overtly criticise players – their confidence is paramount.

• Always reject the behaviour, not the player. Players will not be labelled as bad or naughty either to them or to someone else in their hearing.

• Give direction in a positive way, treat each player as an individual.

• Give players a clear idea of the behaviour expected and to follow it themselves.

• Players who break the rules will be given a warning, and if needed the
appropriate action will be taken.

• Praise good behaviour, be consistent and fair.

• Set limits so players know that behaviour will not be allowed to get out of control.

• Avoid being late for coaching sessions and matches.

• Ensure players are given an equal opportunity to play.

• Work with parents/guardians. Involve them whenever possible to support
coaching sessions and competition.



The name of the Club shall be the "Mumbles Rugby Football Club".


The objectives of the Club are to promote and encourage the game of Rugby Football.


The official colours of the Club shall be light and dark blue.


The Club shall consist of the following, upon receipt of their annual subscription : -

(a) Ordinary Members (playing and non-playing). Each candidate for ordinary membership shall be nominated by two members of the Club and shall not be deemed elected unless approved by the Management Committee. The application, complete with the name and address of the proposed person shall be prominently displayed on the Club Notice Board not less than two days before election.

(b) Life Members. Life Membership may be granted either by reason of service to the Club or for other appropriate or special reason. Notice of proposal for life membership shall be proposed and seconded in writing and placed before the Management Committee. If this proposal receives the recommendation of the Management Committee it shall be placed before the next Annual General Meeting to be voted upon by the Club.

Anyone who has served on Management Committee for twenty years will automatically become a Life Member.

Elected Life Members will not be subject to subscriptions.

(c) Junior Members. Persons under the age of 19 on 1st September of the subscription year will be categorised as Junior Members. No Junior Member may be elected to any Committee.

(d) Family Members. Family Members shall comprise any combination of husband, wife and offspring under the age of 19 on 1st September of the subscription year. Any member of the Club in categories (a), (b) or (c) may apply for family membership subject to the approval of the Management Committee. Members of category (c) must include a recommendation from the appropriate team manager with their application. Only one adult in category (d) will be considered as a member for the purposes of rule 12 (a).

(e) Vice President. Persons may be invited by Management Committee to become Vice Presidents of the Club and thereafter will be entitled to all benefits of Club Members, including automatic family membership where applicable.

(f) Social Members. Social membership may be approved by the Management Committee. Social Members will not be entitled to :

(i) be members of any committee other than the social committee,

be chairman of the social committee,

(ii) vote at a General Meeting.

(iii) propose any individual for membership other than social membership.

(iv) qualify for International tickets.


(i) Short term, temporary, (including family) membership shall be available for a period not exceeding fourteen days. Applications shall be subject to approval by the Management Committee and proof of identity shall be required.

(ii) A temporary member shall not be entitled to introduce visitors to the Club nor vote at any meeting.

(iii) A temporary member shall not qualify for International tickets.


All categories of annual subscription shall be determined by the Management Committee. All annual subscriptions shall be payable on the 1st September in each year. Should a member's subscription not be paid by 30th September the Subscription Secretary will write to the member requesting payment. If payment is not received by the 15th October, the person shall cease to be a member of the Club. If a satisfactory explanation be given to the Management Committee, it may, at its discretion, re-admit the member on payment of all arrears of subscription.


The President shall be nominated by the Management Committee and shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.


(a) The Officers of the Club shall consist of President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Subscriptions Secretary, Bar Chairman, Fixture Secretary, Club Coach, Club Captain and Junior Section Chairman.

(b) The Officers, with the exception of the Club Captain and the Club Coach, shall retire annually but be eligible for re-election at the Annual General meeting.

(c) The Club Coach shall be appointed by the Management Committee.

(d) The Captains shall be nominated and seconded by players from each side who have played a minimum of ten games for that side. This decision will be ratified by the Committee.


(a) The Management Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club and the Captains of the 2nd and 3rd XV's and twelve ordinary members.

(b) The twelve members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and the Management Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies and have the power to co-opt.

(c) All members of Management Committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of a casual vacancy arising during the year, the unsuccessful candidate receiving the highest number of votes at the last Annual General Meeting shall be appointed to fill such vacancy. In the event that no such candidate is available, the Management Committee shall have the power to appoint any person to that position until the next Annual General Meeting.

(d) The Management Committee shall be responsible for the general management of the Club. The Management Committee shall have the power to create any subcommittees as it, in its discretion, deems necessary for the proper management of the Club, to nominate Chairmen and members thereof and to delegate to such subcommittees such part of its power and duties as it may by resolution define.

(e) The Management Committee shall meet as the Committee shall from time to time determine. Special Meetings shall be called by the Secretary on the written request of two members of the Management Committee.

(f) The Chairman and Honorary Secretary have automatic right to attend any subcommittee meeting.

(g) The management of the Junior Section shall be the responsibility of a Committee which shall be known as the Junior Section Committee and shall have the power to co-opt and fill vacancies.


(a) The funds of the Club shall be kept in a recognised financial institution approved by the Management Committee and all payments wherever possible shall be made by cheque.

(b) The Honorary Treasurer shall keep correct accounts of all monies received and paid out and he shall prepare the Statement of Accounts as at the 31st May in each year.

(c) The Honorary Treasurer shall submit a monthly statement of affairs to the Management Committee in writing.

(d) Cheques shall be signed by any two of : the Chairman; the Honorary Treasurer and the Secretary.

(e) The Management Committee on behalf of the Club shall have the power, subject to the prior approval of the members at a General Meeting, to borrow as such Committee thinks fit such sums as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying on the affairs of the Club and financing its operations.

(f) The Management Committee may invest any monies belonging to the Club in such investment as they in their discretion think fit and may from time to time vary such investments and may charge the same as security in respect of any borrowing made on behalf of the Club. Such investments shall be made in the name of the Trustees of the Club.

(g) The Management Committee shall have the power to appoint auditors as they deem fit.


(a) There shall not be less than three trustees of the Club. The trustees of the Club shall be elected by the members of the Club at a General Meeting and shall continue as such until their several successors are appointed or until death, resignation or withdrawal or until the members of the Club at any General Meeting resolve to remove them which by such means they shall have the power to do.


All property of the Club shall be vested in the Trustees representing and acting for the whole of the members of the Club. The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expenses out of the Club property. The Trustees may when authorised thereto by the Management Committee hold, purchase, sell, exchange, mortgage, charge or lease any land or buildings or build upon the land or alter and pull down buildings and again rebuild.

The Trustees may when authorised thereto by the Management Committee obtain advances of money for the purposes of the Club upon the security of bonds or agreements or promissory notes or certificates of indebtedness to mortgages or charges or real or personal property of the Club or bills of sale on all or part of the goods and chattels of the Club upon such terms as to interest and as to the time and manner of repayment of principal and upon such other terms as the Management Committee may determine.


(a) The selection of any team (other than the Youth XV and the Junior XV's) to represent the Club shall be made by the Selection Committee which shall consist of the Club Coach, Captains of the first, second and third XV's, and any further members co-opted by the Management Committee.

(b) The selection of the Junior Teams shall be made by the Junior Committee and Captains.


(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in the month of July or as soon afterwards as possible each year upon a date and time to be fixed by the Management Committee and in any event fifteen months must not elapse without an Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the Meeting shall be to receive the Annual Report and the Statement of Accounts of the Club, to elect Officers and Members of the Committee of the Club for the ensuing year and to transact any other business relating to the management of the Club. Only members under categories 4 (a), (b), (d) and (e) shall be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

(b) A Special General Meeting of the Club may be called at the discretion of the Management Committee, or on receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition signed by twenty members of the Club entitled to vote at General Meetings as specified at 12 (a), within twenty one days of receipt of such requisition.

(c) No other business except that for which the meeting has been convened shall be brought before a Special General Meeting.

(d) Notice of any General Meeting shall be exhibited on the Club Notice Board at least fourteen days before the date appointed for the Meeting. Notices of motions proposed for such meetings shall be displayed upon the Club Notice Board for a period of seven days prior to such meeting.

(e) All nominations for Management Committee to be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Names to be displayed on Club Notice Board.

(f) Any resolution passed during a General Meeting shall come into effect immediately.


(a) The Management Committee shall have power to make from time to time such regulations for the use of the Club premises as it may think fit.

(b) The Management Committee/duty bar person shall have absolute discretion to prohibit any activities on the Club premises which they deem to be unlawful or undesirable or injurious to the interest of the Club.

(c) The Management Committee shall have power in its absolute discretion to close the Club premises at any time, for any purpose and for any period.

(d) Every member shall before leaving the Club premises pay any charges incurred by him whether on his own account or for a visitor and no credit shall be permitted.

(e) The duty bar person authorised by the Management Committee shall have absolute discretion to refuse to serve any person, or admit any person to the Club premises.


The Club shall be open for the supply of intoxicating liquor at such times as the Management Committee shall determine within the permitted hours of the licensing authority within which the Club is situated. Intoxicating liquor will not be sold or supplied to persons under the age of 18 years.


(a) Matters of discipline shall initially be decided by a special disciplinary committee consisting of a minimum of three officers of the Club who shall meet as soon as practical. Their decision shall be effective immediately. The decision will be subject to ratification by the Management Committee at the next meeting.

(b) Members misbehaving in the Clubhouse may be asked to leave the premises immediately by the senior officer/committee man present, and/or the duty bar person.

(c) Any appeal against decisions under (a) or (b) above shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary in writing and will be heard at the next management meeting and their findings shall be final. The member subject to disciplinary action will be given reasonable opportunity to attend any meeting convened to decide his/her case and shall be entitled to address such meeting.


(a) A member introducing any person as a visitor shall enter the name and address of such person in a book to be kept for that purpose.

(b) No visitor so introduced shall pay for any food or drink supplied by the Club and any such payment shall be made by the introducing member. All visitors shall leave the Club before or at the same time as the introducing member.

(c) Any person who resides or carries on a business within a radius of 15 miles of Swansea shall not be introduced into the Club on more than six occasions in any one year and this rule shall apply to persons who were at one time members.

(d) No person who has been refused membership of the Club or whose membership has been withdrawn shall be admitted to the Club premises or any club function at an alternative venue.

(e) Any person visiting the Club ground as a playing member of a visiting Club playing against any team organised or sponsored by the Club or as a member of the Committee of such a visiting Club or as a member of a team playing in a game organised or sponsored under the rules of the Welsh Rugby Union shall on the occasion of such a visit or game to be entitled subject to the approval of the Management Committee of the Club to use the Club premises on the day of the said game and intoxicating liquor may be sold to or for the consumption on the Club premises by those persons over the age of 18 years who are entitled to the use of the Club premises in pursuance of this rule.


(a) No rule shall be added to, amended or repealed except by a resolution passed at a General Meeting.

(b) Every resolution to add, amend or repeal a rule must be notified to the Honorary Secretary and displayed on the Club Notice Board for seven days prior to such meeting.


A resolution for the dissolution of the Club must be passed at a General Meeting at which at least 25 % of the existing membership entitled to vote at such meetings is present. Should this quorum not be reached, the meeting shall be adjourned for twenty eight days and no quorum shall be required at that reconvened meeting. Following the passing of the resolution, the Trustees, at the direction of the Management Committee, shall thereupon, or at such future date as shall be specified in such resolution, proceed to realise the property and assets of the Club.

After the discharge of liabilities the Trustees shall distribute the balance equally among all the members entitled to vote at General Meetings and upon completion of such division the Club shall be dissolved.


(a) (a) Subject to Rule 19 (b) below, all resolutions or decisions of General Meetings of the members and Committee Meetings shall be considered passed if they achieve a simple majority of the votes cast by those present at such meetings.

(b) Resolutions under rules 17 and 18 shall require a two thirds majority of the votes cast by those present at such meetings.

(c) Club Chairman to have a vote and also a casting vote.


Every member shall be bound by and submit to the rules and of the Club and decisions of the Management Committee. A copy of the Rules of the Club shall be permanently displayed on the Club Notice Board.

11th February, 1993.