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After match catering @ MRFC

WANTED - volunteers are always required after each game to:- 1. Purchase bread rolls (refund available on presentation of a receipt behind the bar) ,  2. Empty the club supplied* hot dogs in a pan to warm, 3. Distribute to players. 4. Put some black bins out (available behind the bar).  Volunteers willing to organise a rota would also be warmly welcomed!
If the first willing parents back to the club could empty the required tins of club supplied hot dogs* into a pan to warm, then the rolls should arrive shortly after (ask behind the bar if non in the kitchen).
*  Veggie hot dogs - please provide these yourself and reclaim money at the bar by presentation of your receipt. The number of rolls needed for players will vary from week to week (depending if the opposition come back), but will generally be around 20-30 up to a max of 50 .