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Membership for each new season becomes due on 1st September. Please note that if after October 15th your subs remain unpaid, your membership may be offered to the next person on the waiting list (priority for the waiting list is given to Mumbles RFC members). We are permitted by the WRU to a max of 25 players but non-playing family membership is also available.

International tickets are available to Mumbles RFC members by written application within the downstairs members lounge. Oversubscribed matches will be subject to a draw using the appropriate section of the membership book.

Mumbles RFC Vikings will also promote the Ospreys discounted ticket initiative. e.g. As a member of Mumbles RFC you might expect to purchase Osprey tickets at less than half price! All games are subject to varying pricing levels by the Ospreys. For all further queries, please contact Rhodri Wells on 01792 616 508 or email him at rhodri.wells@ospreysrugby.com

Please let all your friends and wider family also know that they too can benefit by becoming members of Mumbles RFC with myself through the Vikings, or directly with Paul Hill on 369873. Ordinary Individual Membership = £25 (inc' playing/non playing); Family Membership = £30 (covers 2 adults & all sibling non players) ; Vice Presidency = £ 35 (inc' family membership) ;  Junior Membership £42 (inc' one playing junior member and discounted family membership).

Current  2010 / 11 Members of Mumbles RFC (Vikings):-

No         Surname                Membership

801        Price                      Full Junior (playing & family)
802        O'Shea                   Full Junior (playing & family)
803        Jenkins                   Full Junior (playing & family)
804        Broad                     Full Junior (playing & family)
805        Caplin                    Full Junior (playing & family)
806        Ward                      Full Junior (playing & family)
807        Naylor                    Full Junior (playing & family)
808        Trubey                    Full Junior (playing & family)
809         Ace                        Full Junior (playing & family)
810         Vincent                  Full Junior (playing & family)
812         Antrobus                Full Junior (playing & family)
813         Draper-Jones         Full Junior (playing & family
814         Grant                      Full Junior (playing & family)
815         Thomas                  Full Junior (playing & family)
816         Wood                     Full Junior (playing & family)
817         Davies                    Full Junior (playing & family)
819         Pelders                    Full Junior (playing & family)
820         Donald                    Full Junior (playing & family)
821         Rees (Alexander)    Full Junior (playing & family)
822         Rees (Ewan)           Full Junior (playing & family)
823         Cawsey Williams    Full Junior (playing & family)
824          Ioan Jones                Full Junior (playing & family)
825          Alex Lewis               Full Junior (playing & family)
826          Harry Lewis-Smith   Full Junior (playing & family)
827        Ceiran Sullivan           Full Junior (playing & family)

Family Members Player Waiting List
811   Oscar Featon
828 (9's) Billy Fabb
829 (10's) Lawrence Hyde
830   Edmund Mortimer
830   Philip Mortimer

Non-Members Waiting List
Tom Vye

Jack Parkin
Jospeh Devois
Ben Berrell