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TEAMER (text or FREE Online)

This is a team organisation website that is very useful for event notifications, last minute cancellations, tracking attendance, hosting documents. As a team member you should have received an invite to join the Vikings "Teamer" site. It's important to respond to this team based facility on a weekly basis as your attendances are logged for future use/team selection etc.

LINK:-  http://www.teamer.net/

For each event, you can either 'accept' or 'decline' depending on your availability (via text, or for FREE by logging on). So that we, as coaches, know the number of players to expect. Please log on when you receive your invitation, and make sure your contact details are correct and up to date to receive notifications. The site is also useful for contacting each other to arrange lifts etc. as all our numbers / emails will be displayed (to Vikings members only).

There is no pressure to accept, just please let me know either way as soon as you can. If 2 seperate teams can be registered in advance of a game it allows for more productive game time per player, (rather than players turning up 'en-mass' unexpectedly after we have only registered the one team).