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• Tackle must be below the waist, only one person allowed to tackle on each occasion.
• No ripping the ball.
• No contest at tackle area, ball carrying team must pass ball from tackle area, no pick and go.
• Non contested scrum, side putting in wins ball, no pushing or wheeling
• Scrum half is not allowed to pass centre line of scrum
• Scrum half must pass ball from base of scrum
• No Lineout, Rucks or Mauls
• Re starts free pass at halfway
• No handoff allowed
• No kicking of ball allowed

THE TACKLE (Definition)

• Waist high tackle or lower, if the tackle is above waist height, a free pass is awarded to the attacking team. (If deemed dangerous with intent, the player may also be temporarily or permanently suspended from the game).

• Defence can only tackle, they are not allowed to contest for the ball on the ground. (i.e. unlike full game laws, the U9's tackled player's team must always retain possession unless an infingement occurs).

• The offside lines are the rear most part of the body at the tackle area.(no rucks apply at U9).

• No ripping of the ball or mauling allowed (i.e. team mate or mates bind onto their player in posession of the ball).

• If a hand-off (an action taken by a ball carrier to fend off an opponent by using the non ball carrying hand) occurs the referee awards a free pass to the defending side.

• If a knock on occurs a scrum is awarded.

• Rolling replacements.

• Players must leave and enter the field of play at the halfway touchline.

If a player is sent off then he will be replaced by an appropriate substitute. If there is no substitute available then that team will be disadvantaged. The non-offending team does not lose a player.

LINEOUT: No, free pass from five metres in from the touch line.

SCRUMMAGE: Five man passive scrum, the team putting the ball in must win it. Neither team is permitted to push. Acting scrum half must pass from the base of the scrum, and the opposition scrum half to stay at the tunnel.

Q. Does the acting scrum half need to pass the ball away from the breakdown?
A. Yes, the acting scrum half cannot pick and go - penalty, free kick to the non offending team, only applicable to U9’s, U10’s and U11’s.
Q. What is a passive scrum?
A. Both teams do not push or wheel.
Q. Can a support defender at U10’s and U’11s tackle the ball carrier above the waist height?
A. Not permitted as all tackle attempts must be waist height and below.
Q. What happens if a player falls over with the ball?
A. The player with the ball must play the ball immediately or get to their feet.
Q: Can a second player from the defending team join the original tackler at U9's?
A: Not permitted if the ball carrier is held by the original tackler.
Q: Can the tackler contest for the ball after the tackle is completed at U9's?
A: Not permitted as the breakdown is non contested at U9's
Q: Can a defender at U9's, U10's and U11's rip the ball from the ball carrier?
A: Not permitted as all tackle attempts must be waist height and below.
Q. What happens if the attacking team put more than one player contesting for the
A. At under 10’s and 11’s if either team put more than 1v1 contesting for the ball they are subject to a penalty, however advantage law applies.
Q. What is the definition of a hand off?
A. A hand off is a player using their non ball carrying hand to hand off a defender.
Q. What happens if the scrum is pushed forward more than the allowed amount for that age group?
A. The referee will indicate to the team to stop pushing, if the team then pushes more than the amount for that age, the referee will award a free kick to the non offending team.
Q. How far back must the defending team go when a free kick has been awarded to the opposition?
A. The defending team must go back ten metres.
Q: Are quick throws in permitted?
A: Yes for age groups that have lineouts applicable within the pathway (U11's+) and providing the line out is not set, the ball being thrown in is the original ball that went out, has not been touched by any other member of the opposition, crowd, ball boys etc.

• Develop the player through the introduction to contact
• Safety points in tackling and being tackled, develop the skills of offload, placement of the ball and the pass off ground

Encourage the offload in contact and the correct placement of the ball and introduce tackling around the legs

AGE: Under nine as on the first of September at the start of the season.

TEAM SIZE: 10 a side with unlimited substitutions. Five forwards five

The WRU requires that both teams shall field the same number of players throughout the game.

PERIODS OF PLAY: Two halves each of up to 10 minutes playing time, maximum 20 minutes of play.

PLAYING AREA: Half pitch.

BALL SIZE: Size three.

COACH QUALIFICATION: UKCC Level one recommended Level two.


GAMES, No Inter Club / Inter School Leagues. Where teams have matches, entered Festivals/Tournaments (which start and finish on the same day) it is recommended that each game should not exceed 10 minutes (maximum) each half.